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Find Your Buzz, Build Your Hive

In the fast-paced world of Agencies and Consulting firms, customer care and networking are at the core of success. Yet, what happens when the complexities of day-to-day operations divert your focus from these crucial tasks?

Our specialized agency software streamlines your Business processes, enhances your team's efficiency, and sets a new benchmark for intelligent work.​

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The Extra of PrimeHive

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Our Know-How

We are part of the OBS Group, a network of companies offering enterprise Software Solutions across various industries and sectors. This gives PrimeHive an unparalleled advantage: comprehensive access to industry-specific expertise.
What this means for agencies: Regardless of your sector or field, we offer tailor-made Solutions that are precisely aligned with your needs.

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The Buzz

 Thanks to its open-source foundation, PrimeHive offers a flexibly designed architecture that prioritizes innovation and integration. At the heart of this flexibility are our customizable interfaces, which allow for seamless connectivity to a multitude of existing tools and platforms. This ensures our agency software not only remains at the cutting edge but also dynamically adapts to evolving needs and technologies.

 For whom is PrimeHive the perfect solution?

Our Agency Software is for everyone


Embrace sustainable and scalable business processes from day one. Our agency software offers swift implementation and instant readiness.


Enhance your existing processes and harness the full potential of our software to gain a decisive edge in the competition.


Experience unmatched consistency and efficiency, even amidst intricate corporate landscapes, and drive your business strategies with unparalleled precision.

A short overview of our



With our intuitive CRM system, tailored impeccably to your Business needs, you'll forge enduring and impactful Customer Relationships.

Project Management

Our project management module offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to effectively manage their projects, optimize workflows, and boost productivity.

Portal Access

 Enhance communication and transparency within your agency with our portal access, providing secure access to critical information for both clients and team members.

Time Tracking

Maintain a clear overview of projects, working hours, and team activities. Benefit from precise timers, offline capabilities, and detailed reports.

Sales & Accounting

Increase the efficiency of your sales team with quote automation and simplify invoice and payment management.

Employee Management

Redefine talent acquisition standards with our HR module, designed to help you discover and onboard top-tier talents.

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What we offer

Flexibility meets comfort

Flexibility Meets Comfort

With PrimeHive, experience the pinnacle of customization melded with a user-friendly interface. Handpick the modules tailored precisely to your business essentials. 

Cloud Hosting

Secure Mobility, Anywhere

You benefit from cutting-edge cloud technology, ensuring not only the highest data security but also allowing you to work from anywhere, anytime. 

Full-Service Support

Full-Service Support

From the very first consultation to tailored training and seamless workflow integration, we're with you every step of the way. And our commitment doesn't end there; we continue to stand beside you, offering unwavering support and expert advice.

Founder of Consulting SoftwareFounder of Consulting Software

Simranjit Kang, Founder and CEO

Drawing from my rich history in business development and marketing, and having partnered with a myriad of agencies, I've delved deep into the intricate challenges this sector faces. It was these invaluable insights that ignited the spark for PrimeHive. We've meticulously designed our agency software to pinpoint and rectify operational inefficiencies, honing workflows to their peak potential. It fills me with pride to know that we've not only met our clients' needs but have also been instrumental in elevating their businesses to unparalleled heights.


Our agency software is crafted with precision, prioritizing intuitiveness and user-centric design. This ensures you can effortlessly dive in from the get-go. Beyond that, our extensive support and tailored training sessions are at your disposal, guaranteeing a seamless integration into your daily operations.

Open-source simplifies the integration with other programs and systems, ensuring your workflow remains smooth and tailored to your unique requirements. Open-source also signifies adaptability. If you have specific needs, PrimeHive can be modified accordingly to meet and exceed your expectations.

Absolutely! The automatic migration from your current system to PrimeHive is straightforward and swift, typically done using CSV files.
First, we assess the necessary data and fields in your existing system. Then, we export this data from your system and import it into PrimeHive. Our aim is to ensure all data crucial to your operations is seamlessly integrated into our agency software. We intentionally exclude any redundant or unnecessary fields to maintain PrimeHive's user-friendliness and efficiency.
Should there be specific fields or features vital to your agency that are missing, we collaborate closely with you to identify the optimal solution and integrate it. 

For which agencies is PrimeHive ideal?

For everyone! PrimeHive is suitable for agencies of all orientations - whether it's a digital agency, PR and advertising agency, design agency, online marketing agency, event agency, full-service agency, or a specialized agency. Our software adapts to the unique needs of every agency.

Find Your Buzz, Build Your Hive

At PrimeHive, we believe that every agency has a unique 'buzz'—a distinct blend of creativity, strategy, and innovation. Our software is designed to help you find that buzz and build a thriving 'hive'—a successful, efficient, and harmonious business ecosystem..

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